"With 40 years of experience in installation and providing quality products, I rate Sky Blue Antennas as a top performer in Central Minnesota. I am pleased with the quality and ease of installation. I am also pleased to provide top-notch installation at a great price for my customers."

  -Antenna installer, 40 years experience, central Minnesota

"When you have customers commenting on the construction and quality of their antenna before it is even installed, I take note. I've been in the business for a long time and very few customers have checked out the construction of the product, so I will deinitely let my customers know they should take a look and see the difference that is featured in Sky Blue Antennas."

  -Antenna installer, 30 years experience, southern Minnesota

"Sky Blue certainly took into account the installer when they designed and manufactured their antennas. It's an easy installation on a very high performing antenna. I rate it at the top of my list for value with other products on the market, and with 50 years experience... I should know!"

  -Antenna installer, 50 years experience, central Wisconsin

"In the short time since the SB24 was released, we are blown away with the performance! It performs better than larger antennas of its kind."

  -Antenna installer, 25 years experience, western Minnesota

Level of performance: 5/5, "Performance is GREAT"
Quality of construction: 5/5, "EXCELLENT!"
Ease of installation: 5/5, "Easy assembly"
Comparative value: 5/5, "Very competitively priced"

  -Antenna installer, 50 years experience, central Michigan

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